Sunday, February 4, 2018

Mt. Lanigid : Finding Self Again

"Don't just wait for the door to open. You might wait forever believing that it's locked. Do something. Twist the knob."

After almost 10 months of hybernation since Mt. Hambubuyog, I am finally back on track. Here I am, satisfying my soul again after months of craving to climb mountains again. Most low budgeted trek that I have encountered. This 500 masl peak has been the easiest to hike so far. You can even reach the top for only 25-30 minutes. 

It's been a long time since my last climb but the thought of doing another trek never left in my mind. I waited for so long to make Lanigid happen. I forgot to realize that the start of the journey lies on my feet. The great affair is to always move one step ahead after the other. Same goes in life, some situations stun us from doing the things we love to do. Some hinder us from reaching our dreams and desires. Some even block the road. But the decision lies in our hands if we will just stand there and do nothing, or find another way and continue the journey.

Let me share some tips on how to make it to the top despite road blocks:

BRING BACK YOUR CONFIDENCE. We all get tired, not just sometimes, but most of the time - draining us. You just have to remind yourself of how amazing you are and what you're capable of. Learn something while waiting. Be confident enough and believe that you are loved by the God of all chances, making you possess those more than enough posibilities. You're capable to become who you wanted to be, capable of going where you wanted to go. Self confidence and knowing what you wanted to happen in your life will balance everything out.

REMEMBER YOUR REAL VALUE. Sometimes in the midst of troubles and pains, you forget who you really are. You can no longer distinguish your own identity, what you are made for, and even Who made you. You tend to focus more on life's issues, problems and misconceptions. You can not even realize your real worth. This feeling sometimes prevent anyone from becoming who they are meant to be. So, remind yourself again and again that You are handcrafted by the Master of all creations, Himself. Tell yourself that you are God's beloved, His champion. You are the greatest gift anyone can have. You are worthy to be on top. You deserve God's best.

TRUST THE PROCESS. We all arive at some point in our lives where it's hard to find the reasons why things happen. Sometimes things are way too hard to understand, simply because it's beyond our human understanding. And all we need to do is to trust the process, because it would be all worth it in the end. If it's not, then it's not yet the end. God is not finished with you yet. Everyone is a work in progress. He's not yet done creating miracles in your life. There is more than amazing, more than marvelous, more than miraculous waiting for you at the peak. Continue doing what you love to do. Bring back the passion. Bring back the flame. Continue the journey.

DO IT AGAIN. Pick yourself up. Shake your past off. And do the climb again. Persevere enough. Many begin but few have finished. This is not the time to turn around, not the time to back out. Wake your confidence and fix your focus now. Even when you have to go against the wind, do the climb again. Don't you dare quit. You are closer than you think you are, closer than where you've been before. Breathe again. Hope again. Fight again. Rise again.


How to get there:

Most low budgeted trek that I have encountered so far - Mt. Lanigid at Liloan, Cebu. This 500 masl peak has been the easiest to hike so far. You can even reach the top for only 25-30 minutes. Igo-igo jud kang hangakon eg abot sa babaw lage. Here's how to get here:

For private vehicle:
Pagasolina lang daan. Budget depends on your location. Syempre google maps ka din pag may time. Set the location to Brgy. Mulao, Liloan, Cebu. Mo tingog ra nas Google Map asa ka dapit mo liko, ug pila ang distance usa ka mo liko. Google Map was our best friend on this trip. 
Syempre para wai gasto, ngaon mi daan ug paneudto oyy. Mailhan ra na nga naabot na kag Mulao, kay you will see a signage of Welcome to Brgy. Mulao. πŸ˜‚ Basta adto dretso sa Brgy Hall, palista didto. Bayad ra kag 10 pesos per head, (wai labot tiil, kamot, and other parts of the body). After palista, pwede ra gani nimo sak.on ang peak without guide. Ug kursonada jud ka, maabot ra kas babaw. Timan.e lang ang instructions nga ehatag sa taga brgy hall. Pero naa man silay guide, depende ug maka tayming. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜΄πŸ˜

For Commute:
Adto ka Park Mall - 10 pesos
Sakay ka para Liloan - 15 pesos
Adto hunong sa eskina Fatima, (kabalo na nang jeep). Naa ray mga habal-habal nag atang sa eskina.
From eskina Fatima to Mulao - 50 pesos per head (ulo ra ha, wai labot lawas). One way fare. Do you want to book for a return back to eskina fatima? Sabota lang ang driver. πŸ˜‚
Brgy Mulao fee - 10 pesos

Sugdi nag drawing ang mga plano. Ana ra gyud ka gasto kaayo. Malipay na ka eg abots babaw. Pwede ka campingan gani. Color.color din pag may time. Ayaw nang puro ra black and white. Make it happen. God bless you. Di ka magmahay. 😎

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

An Open Letter To The Boyfriend

I used to expect a lot more when it comes to relationships - the one that is influenced by the books I've read, the movies I saw and those real-life relationships I've witnessed. I've been clipping visions and thoughts, and been day dreaming about what it should look like and the feels. I've been setting standards as high as the walls I've built to keep my heart safe, and wait for those pinned ideas to happen.

And then, you came. Miraculously. I didn't saw you coming. You broke down the barriers around because you know I'm worth it.

It took me a while to realize how blessed I am by having you around. You keep me safe.

What we had isn't that easy, it comes with challenges and difficulties. But you made it possible for the both of us to still say, "this journey is worth it." And I really thank you for that.

Thank you for choosing to stay.

Thank you for appreciating the good days, understanding the bad ones and everything in between.

Thank you for making me feel good about myself by loving me for who I really am and what I have become.

Thank you for inspiring me to become a better version of myself. And still waiting patiently for it to happen.

Thank you for accepting me even when I am not trying to impress you, even when this society says I am not that acceptable, even when I feel like I am most unlovable.

Thank you for being confident enough to show me around in public.

Thank you for taking me to work at the most highly inconvenient hour.

Thank you for taking care of me when I got ill.

Everything is comfortable. What we had may not be perfect, but we both know this is real - the kind that scares.

The kind that changes not who we are, but the way we are.

The kind that influences how we see things and how to react to it.

The kind that taught us to open our minds to different worlds, outside of our own, and then teaching us to look at life differently.

The kind that chooses to come back after taking few steps of walking away.

Yeah, after taking few steps of walking away and letting go.

This love made me realize that the standards I used to define of what love really is, is far from the real thing. We found love in the midst of messiness, in between imperfections. I am so happy I opened the door when you came knocking. I am glad I let you in. The moment I said, "Welcome to my life.", what I really meant was, "I hope you are going to stay for a longer period of time." And you did.

Above all, I praise God for the 184 days we've already shared. And still counting...

I love you too. ❤


You Don't Have to Face Things Alone

It's not that easy to expose the depths of your mess, especially when you're trying to be a nice person to someone. I honor you for being brave enough to share your past, no matter how dark it was.

Okay, you mess up (but we all do). At this point, I want you to remember that you're human, and human as you are, you have sinned and have committed mistakes just like everyone else.

 I feel the need to say "Thank You" because even if you tried to hide it, still you did not cover it up in front of me. Thank you for being honest.

I hope that someday soon, you'll learn how to repent, to forgive others, to apologize and make amends, and finally learn how to forgive yourself. But it's all up to you. Yes it's a long process, but if you'll let me, I'll help you how to accept the grace, mercy and freedom that God has offered through Jesus. (Sorry, but I also feel the strong need to include God in this. Insert grin emoticon.)

Every single one of us is imperfect and in need of grace and forgiveness. So I won't judge you by what you did in the past. You don't live there anymore. I hope my presence gives you a warm feeling of "We're in this together!" and that somehow the burdens were no longer that heavy.

I acknowledge and accept your weakness and brokenness. You may be asking why I keep on seeing and talking to you. Please know that I already have in mind what I'm getting into before I took the risk to know you more. I am pretty much aware of your imperfections but still thinks that the beauty your soul is as beautiful as your pair of lovely eyes.

I am not scared of the ghost in your past. Simply because I believe in your ability to look pass through your life despite weird circumstanes, and your willingness to move forward in life. I believe in your strength and how you fight with the demons that haunt you sometime. I believe that you're going to give yourself the chance to become a better person, one day, and love again.

I don't care about your yesterdays or the person who you once were and the kind of world you lived in. I am more interested with the version of you that I see in front of me. I care about your great potential to become the best version of yourself.

I am more eager to share God's love to you regardless of your heavy baggage and scars. I am also excited to give you the care that Jesus did to me. If you'll allow, I want to guide you as you overcome your struggles in life. I want to understand all your pains, your tears, and your fears.

You keep on telling me that you're not scared with anything or anybody, but allow me to shield and protect you with prayers to keep you safe no matter where you go.

I hope one day you'll put your guards down and you'll allow me to see every inch of vulnerability in you. Don't be so scared to open up fully yourself to me. I hope for the best in you and I want to see you shine again. I want to be there and witness you as you bring back the pieces of you that once was left along your life's journey.

I just wanted you to know that you don't have to face your challenges alone. Having someone who will stand by you makes every trials worth conquering.


Monday, May 15, 2017

We're Going To Break Each Other's Heart And That's Okay

We're going to break each other's heart.
No matter how much we try to take good care of it.
No matter how much efforts we exert to satisfy heart's content.
No matter how much we seek each other and understand it more.
No matter how much we accept the differences patterned up until the core.
No matter how much we make everything fall to its proper places.

Still, we're going to break each other's heart.

We're going to mess up again and again.
We're going to hurt each other a little less and a little more.
We're going to disappoint heart's expectations.
We're going to falter and let each other down.
We're going to fail.

And that's okay.

We're going to break each other's heart.
Because we're not perfect.
Because human as we are, we have our unique brand of weaknesses.
Because no happy photos on social medias has it all together.
Because everyone goes through ups and downs, never the ups-ups, nor the downs-downs.
Because we are all capable to make mistakes.

The day may be ruined.
The whole week may have gone wrong.
The month may be filled with struggles and circumstances.
The whole year may be in drought.
But life is still good.
It's just a bad day, not a bad life.
It's just an unlucky week, not a cursed life.
It's just a poor month, not unfortunate life.
It's just an unproductive month, not an ill-fated life.

Remind yourself.

Remind yourself to move on in life.
Remind yourself to rise again.
Remind yourself to hope again.
Remind yourself to love again.
Remind yourself to breathe again.

And after you remind yourself.
Remind me next.

Remind me of all the strength I have within me.
Remind me of the beauty there is in me.
Remind me to stay strong.
Remind me to keep the courage and faith to fight back the demons inside.

And we will be okay.

We will be okay because we're going to hold on to each other again.
We will be okay because we will look at the bright side of life.
We will be okay because we will remind each other to continue the journey,
despite how painful things are.

And in the midst of pain, we are helping each other to become better version of our selves.
We're helping each other to grow and expand our understanding.
We're helping each other to see everything as life's valuable lessons and that everything has its own reasons.

We're going to smile again.
We're going to track down comfort, back in each other's arms, again.
We're going to dig out the reason why we even started.
We're going to discover back the love we felt for each other ever since.

Let's love each other again.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Created for a Reason

Human body cells perfectly counted.
Flesh and fibers faultlessly connected.
With pure heart and mind from the Heaven above,
I came into this world full of God's love.

Protected and cared by the Master of all Creations,
the evil got jealous, planned dark schemes and poisons.
Attacked my weakness, took away my innocense.
I have sinned and fell at the devil's trap and snares.

But the Lord loves His little princess so much.
He sacrificed Jesus to die and cover up for us.
Through the death of Christ victory was claimed.
The sins there is in us were no longer chained.

God renewed my strength so I can still go on.
Gave me Jesus as my lifetime companion.
My Savior never gives up, He never leaves.
He said,
"Come take my hand and I will be your lead."

Right then, I knew I am created for a reason.
I am made to bloom in the right season.
I live to tell, to spread and to shout,
all the glory and praise to the Greatest God.

I am chosen to be trained by the eagles.
And destined to fight for the Lord's battles.
Into my life's storm my spirit gladly soar.
I give my all whether I live or die in this war.

Even with the presence of hell around,
And the trace of darkness found.
They can't pull and drag me away.
Under the Lord's shadow my soul shall stay.

Mt. Lanaya Climb: Grace on Top of Grace

"I climb mountains because there is this certain happiness that I can only feel when I am looking at a perfectly still scenery, from the top. It's like nature has its own way of bringing back the pieces of me, that once was lost along my life's journey. Whenever this restoration happens, it's always Jesus who did it again."

When I was a kid, I always stare at those pointed top of the mountains with full of excitement. I, at any rate, can't help but ask "What's in there? What would things look like when I'm on top of the peak? Will I ever survive the long-ascending trails?"

I grew up in an awesome lowland place of South Cebu. There are usually no mountains and large hills located at a walking distance, but only seas. Maybe this is why I am drawn towards those elongated pile of humps - rising above the land, higher above the sea level. And as clichΓ© as it sounds, opposites do attract. Because, it's not here. 

 "I can't find here what I can find there."

I want to be there. Because, it's not here.

I have to go there. Because, it's not here.

I should be there. Because it's not here.

I don't know if anyone has ever felt this, it's like those bleak landforms are talking to me, inviting me for an adventure. Those wonderful creations are alive and are waiting for me. And Mt. Lanaya is one of them.

Climbing Life's Greatest Peaks

God's love is waiting for me at the top. I can't let this opportunity to experience Him more just slip away. I continued walking the trail despite of doubts and fear. We all experience this in life. It's up to us if we keep going or not.

Reach the top or go back home. Looking at its peak, I doubt if I can make it to the top. I mean it's 720 meters above sea level, and I don't know how to get there. But this feeling awakened me and opened my eyes to some of the different realities of life. 

Climbing to the top is more like surviving my way up to success in life. And before I can make a decision that I will surely regret, I keep going and remembered why I started in the first place.

We need someone to guide us. For every trail we journey, we can't make it to our destination if we don't know which way to go. We need someone who knows the right path to take before we get lost. We all need companions in life. I am grateful to those people who have already gone first this trail, they helped me a lot to make this journey less difficult. 

I thank you for allowing me to experience Jesus' guidance and presence in you.

And in all of a sudden, my heart felt peace because I know Whom I have trusted. I felt safe because I know Who's with me.

Thankful enough I have real and good friends to laugh with along the journey. 

Blaze the right trails to follow. I am not the last one who has interests on climbing hill tops. And once people see that I made it to the top, chances are possible that they're going to follow the trail I take. I feel obliged to be a reliable source of information. 

Allow me to be the one to help you smooth the path this time. Allow me to extend Christ's companionship to you.

And when I got back home, I felt like I am whole again. The journey made me collect bits and pieces of myself along the trail. Like God is sending back my lost pieces through nature's kiss. The moment I experienced this kind of healing, I was smitten to the desire of climbing mountains, and have remained so ever since.

The moment I conquered Mt. Lanaya, I then know that I can overcome life's struggles and difficulties.

God knows you can make it too.