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SAGADA: Where Broken Hearts Go

And WHY the place has healing powers.

Disclaimer: This is not one of those typical travel articles, with wonderful source of detailed tips and advises about the how’s, where’s and when’s of travelling. You can find a lot of them on the Internet. But, most of them don’t often share about the whys – which I think is the most remarkable topic to talk about.
Two years ago, I shared a post on my Facebook account about me wanting so much to go to Sagada. The reason is: I have no idea why a lot of people can say that the place can heal and I wanted to know why, even if that time, my heart is still whole and hasn’t experienced emotional traumas - from a serious heartbreak of course. Unluckily, this year, I got my heart-broken into pieces. But also luckily, this year, an opportunity to explore Sagada came to me. So, I grabbed it right away.
Hello Sagada!

The moment I stepped out of the bus, a breath of fresh air welcomed me along with the feeling of thrill and adventure. When I finally read “Sag…
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So, I am now taking this mask off and now revealing the person in this cloak. 
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I’ve been doing it multiple times a day and it’s now overrated. Smiling, to me, channels a lot of things. I do it when I’m happy. I do it when I’m sad. I do it when I’m covered with burning temper. I do it when I’m at the edge of breaking down. I do it even when it is out of my will. 
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